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The question we keep getting is “why is your inventory so low”…one word COVID19.

Many trailer manufacturers around the US along with suppliers of parts, tires, axles etc. were forced to shut down-some for 6-8 weeks or longer.  Unfortunately this shut down was during “trailer season” which is the time of year that is the busiest for all facets of the trailer market.

When these shut downs hit most manufacturers were already experiencing a back log of 3-6 weeks…now you have them closed for 6-8 weeks and the demand for products didn’t slow down-it actually increased--greatly.

Dealers around the country kept placing orders while the plants were closed.  Now that most have reopened they are still not at full production mode like they were prior to COVID19 plus many of the components to build a trailer are also hard to get. Treated lumber and plywood is in huge demand because many of the larger mills that supply this product shut down and some closed for good.

With all of this said we have LOTS of trailers on order…many have deposits on them already! If you don’t see what you are looking for on the very few trailers we have in stock just give us a call and we will be glad to let you know if we already have it on order.  Please keep in mind that some of these trailers will take a while before they come in but someday we hope to be back to pre COVID19 inventory!